Management Consulting & Training

Looking for sustainable change that really delivers? Let’s work together to build your capabilities, cultivate your talent, and systematize innovation at every level of your organization.

Mead Project Management operates at the forefront of innovation, bringing people and resources together around a unified vision of profitability and sustainable change. Together, we can develop solutions for the complex challenges that impact your ability to innovate. Download our corporate capabilities

We lead with design thinking, a human-centered methodology which draws upon logic, imagination, intuition, and sound analysis to solve complex problems and negotiate meaningful solutions.

The first question we ask is “What does success look like?” The next question is, “What will it take to achieve it?”

Through the strategic application of design thinking, systems thinking, and proven project management processes, we collaborate effectively with our clients to:

  • Drive progress toward objectives,
  • Solve complex problems,
  • Manage risk,
  • Improve communications, and
  • Ensure effective knowledge transfer across projects, programs, and portfolios.

Our goal is to ensure that organizations leverage their strengths and achieve stakeholder buy-in at all levels for specific process improvements that drive successful outcomes.

Strategic Planning
Our agile approach to strategic planning identifies critical success factors, engages stakeholders, and leverages low-cost, low-risk scenarios to realize results for new projects, programs, or initiatives throughout the innovation ecosystem.  Learn more

Program Development
Our comprehensive approach to program development builds on existing organizational assets, connecting the right people with the right resources in order to make the vision viable and the mission measurable. Learn more

Project Integration
Our streamlined approach to project integration eases new processes into existing workflows, leveraging the organization’s current capacity to drive momentum toward new or improved outcomes. Learn more

Professional Development Training
Our approach to sustainable change empowers an energized, resilient team of professionals organized to work seamlessly together in support of a unified vision. Learn more

Throughout these collaborative efforts, we assist organizations in strengthening and harmonizing communications processes to ensure that the right messages are reaching customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, sponsors, partner organizations, and senior management.

Download our corporate capabilities