Program Development

Our comprehensive approach to program development builds on existing organizational assets, connecting the right people with the right resources in order to make the vision viable and the mission measurable.


The process of designing a successful program is highly collaborative. We communicate closely with senior leadership, line managers, technical experts, and administrative support staff to understand how to successfully integrate innovation within a new or existing infrastructure. Mission alignment is mission critical, as is organizational alignment and resource capacity. We look at every dimension in order to synthesize the most meaningful and measurable solution.

  • Goals & Objectives – We review program goals and objectives with senior leadership to ensure that buy-in is achieved, and revisit them throughout the program development process as new stakeholders are invited to the table.
  • Key Performance Indicators – We work with data teams and business analysts to achieve shared understanding around measures of success and identify existing data streams that can be used to monitor success as the program moves forward.
  • Process Development – We confer with line managers to enhance existing workflows and develop process tools such as swimlane diagrams and checklists to use as training aids.
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance – We review industry standards with technical experts to set benchmarks and determine the appropriate frequency for quality checks.
  • Communications – We collaborate with public affairs staff to develop comprehensive, flexible frameworks for timely communication with everyone involved in the solution – including customers, employees, senior leadership, advisory boards, business partners, suppliers and sponsors.
  • Performance Management – We consult human resources staff to address skills gaps and develop a plan for training existing staff or hiring new talent.
  • Resource Management – We examine existing supplier agreements and workflows for supply chain management to recommend process improvements.
  • Evaluation – We engage with internal or external evaluators to perform structured reviews of the program, project or initiative to determine how we can continuously improve on a successful solution.

Mead Project Management is experienced in the application of the CMMI®-DEV model for process integration and process improvement in developing quality products and services. The CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) is a globally-adopted capability improvement framework that guides organizations in high-performance operations across a variety of industries that include aerospace, finance, health services, software, defense, transportation, and telecommunications.