Strategic Planning

Our agile approach to strategic planning identifies critical success factors, engages stakeholders, and leverages low-cost, low-risk scenarios to realize results for new projects, programs, or initiatives throughout the innovation ecosystem.

The goal of every strategic planning effort is to design a successful solution to a specific need. A successful solution delivers value to its intended audience – on their terms. Our customer-centric process is designed to elicit audience perceptions and motivations so that value can be defined for every stakeholder.

Define the Objectives
The first phase of the strategic planning process involves a discussion of the need and those who will benefit from the solution, including individuals, groups, and organizations. At this stage, we engage in preliminary “what-if” thinking sessions, presenting hypothetical solutions as a means to assess the organizational culture and its readiness for change.

Understand the Audience
In the second phase of the process, we gather and analyze target audience demographics and characteristics, including attitudes, beliefs, preferences, and perceptions of value. We also conduct preliminary market research through online sources, surveys, focus groups and interviews with key stakeholders.

Envision the Future
After we synthesize the results of the market research efforts, we begin to define critical success factors for the intended audience. We examine best practices as well as competitor solutions to identify differentiators, and engage in additional facilitated “what-if” thinking sessions with the organization on the basis of the new evidence.  Several potential solutions will emerge.

Assess the Feasibility
Once we understand what success looks like in the mind of the audience, and we have identified potential pathways to achieve that success, we conduct an in-depth review of organizational assets and competencies to determine if there is sufficient capacity to move forward. Solutions will be refined as resource gaps are revealed.

Develop the Strategy
Mead Project Management will propose an evidence-based strategy that meets the need by providing value to customers, business partners, sponsors, and other public/private organizations within the innovation ecosystem. We will recommend potential teaming partners to fill critical needs. We will also identify key performance indicators that can be easily monitored through existing data streams, providing benchmarks for continuous process improvement and measures of success.

Our strategic process is comprehensive and fully customizable to the needs of the organization. We have completed successful strategic planning engagements in as few as four weeks and as long as ten months, depending on the size of the organization and the number of stakeholders involved. Client collaboration is critical. At every stage, we meet with the organization to present key findings so that results are documented in preparation for the next phase. Mead Project Management excels at the sensitive communications required during early stage strategic planning, preserving confidentiality around intellectual property.