21st Century Employee Engagement

21st Century Employee Engagement Training

Our training solution gives managers the tools to develop cohesive, inclusive, high-performing teams and retain top talent.

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What happens to your budget and schedule when top talent leaves your team?  How much sleep will you lose figuring out how to explain these delays to unhappy clients, stakeholders and shareholders? What will you say when they ask how you could have prevented this in the first place?

Employee engagement is mission critical when high turnover rates threaten productivity and innovation. Replacing an employee can cost up to 33% of salary in recruiting and training. Trendy benefits, employee surveys, and other top-down engagement initiatives miss the mark when it comes to retaining talent, because the strongest predictor of employee satisfaction is the employee-supervisor relationship.

Elicit their vision; Connect it to the work; Recognize and reward; Apply course correctionsThe 21st Century Employee Engagement gives managers the tools they need to build stronger relationships quickly and effectively by:

  • Delivering highly specific performance management techniques in the context of HR fundamentals
  • Empowering supervisors to hold employees accountable, with fairness and integrity
  • Enhancing your organizational culture of dignity and respect
  • Transforming managers into mentors

We developed the 21st Century Employee Engagement training solution to bring people together around a meaningful vision of sustainable change; one that includes higher employee retention rates, lower recruitment costs and increased productivity, profitability and customer loyalty.

The online course begins with an engagement assessment, and guides managers through a process to reach each employee at their level, establishing trust and inspiring growth. One-on-one coaching calls support managers in applying the training within your unique business,  government, or academic environment.

Who Should Attend

  • Emerging Leaders
  • New Managers
  • Front-Line Managers and Supervisors
  • Project Managers and Team Leads

Course Content

21st Century Employee Engagement training combines project management practices with emotional intelligence principles in one easy-to-learn method for embedding engagement into your day-to-day operations.

  • Module 1 – How to get the best results from this program; committing to your performance standards; triaging your team’s performance
  • Module 2 – Engaging your power performers; leveraging micro-conversations to sustain engagement; increasing accountability and mission focus
  • Module 3 – Engaging your potential performers; leveraging course correction conversations to sustain engagement; developing improvement plans
  • Module 4 – Engaging your steady performers; implementing key strategies to increase retention; engaging right – from the start!

Course Format & Delivery

  • Online Course – The online course in 4 modules includes 12 videos, 16 downloadable tools, 4 quizzes, weekly homework, and a pre- and post-training evaluation.
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  • 2-Day In-Person Training – One of our instructors will join you at your organization to train your team.
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  • Coaching Calls – A live support option is available to help managers carve out time to discuss complex issues and align the strategy to the existing culture of the organization. Coaching call packages start at $295 for four 30-minute calls.

The online course begins with an engagement assessment, and guides managers through a process to reach each employee at their level, establishing trust and inspiring growth. Our solution empowers managers to:

  • Inspire commitment to a long-term vision
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Foster innovation
  • Retain top talent
  • Cultivate the next generation of leaders

Course Instructor

The course is led by Kristin Mead, certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI.org) as a Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2005. Ms. Mead has spent more than 25 years solving problems for organizations engaged in education, health, science, and applied technology. Her project management experience encompasses enterprise software development; web-enabled database development; mobile app design and development; communications and program support.


Contact Kristin today at kmead@meadpm.com or call (703) 508-1425 to discuss the needs of your organization and schedule your training. Group discounts are available. Download our fact sheet for HR and senior management